Nightvision Review - SOS Fest 2011

Review by Hez "Raven" Banks.
Having seen Nightvision previously I thought I knew what to expect from this band, but boy was I in for a surprise...  almost as soon as they started their set it was obvious that the band had been working hard on not only the new material, but their stage performance also.

Opening with 'Sob Story' from their forthcoming album, the band literally exploded into action with a tight-knit sound that many veteran bands would envy.
Guitarist Neil 'Bolda' Wallis delivers the sizzling riffs that fans of the band's previous album have come to expect, whilst Dean Hocking's bass playing brings so much to the songs that at times you wonder if  a second guitarist has joined in.
Daryl Hocking's drumming  doesn't just provide the rhythm but adds an incredible depth to the music that gives this band their unique sound.
The biggest change though is in singer Dave McKee, who has not only become more confident in his live singing, but has relaxed into a truly captivating frontman with his nifty dance moves and audience interaction.

As the familiar chords of 'Love Ain't Cheap' ring through the air the already enthusiastic crowd gets even more excited, and here is where the change in the band is at its most apparent as they deliver their classic song with a new energy that adds a powerful edge to it.

After this things could have easily gone wrong as the rest of the songs for the set were all as yet unheard tracks from the new album, but the new tracks are so well written and the performance is so perfect that the fact the songs were unknown did not detract from them in the slightest.
Combining all the things that made their first album so good - the heavy guitar riffs, catchy choruses, and great rhythm - these songs also feature a heavier edge that provides a grittiness to the sound that makes them totally infectious.

In the short space of a year Nightvision have evolved from a very good band who you'd expect to see in a major support slot, to a headline band in their own right. I for one cannot wait to see them again.
Sob Story
Find Me
Love Ain't Cheap
So Many Lies
What Makes You Bad
Nowhere to Hide
Enter Escapism
Post Tour Blues
Band Members:
Dave McKee – Vocals
Bolda – Guitar
Dean Hocking – Bass
Daryl Hocking - Drums