Oops, we broke it...


Yes it's very quiet here right now, but actually we didn't break things.... for once!



Hard Rock Hell 8

Triaxis Album Pledge

Today Triaxis announced their 3rd album would be done via a Pledge Campaign, and in under a day they have hit 100% of their target.

Band of the Month - September 2014

This month it's our editor's choice and it came as no surprise to us when she said who it would be. So for those of you who don't know her and haven't already guessed... this month's Phoenix Rising Band of the Month is: Twelve Gauge

Wake me up when September... erm... starts

It's September so that means summer is over here at the Phoenix Nest.
So we're back with more news, reviews and interviews... brought to you through a haze of booze!

Band of the Month - August 2014

Another new month, another new band.
This month's choice was submitted to us by Sal Whiplash who believes these guys deserve the special attention. So for August the Phoenix Rising Band of the Month is:


Grave Digger - 'Return of the Reaper' album review

Artist: Grave Digger
Album: Return of the Reaper
Release Date: 11th July, 2014

BlackMamba - 'BlackMamba' review

Artist: BlackMamba
EP: BlackMamba



Alt Fest Rumours and the Music Scene

By now everyone has no doubt seen at least one post on social networking about Alt Fest being cancelled. Our editor talks about what these rumours and the music scene that surrounds them. 

Lostock Music Festival 2014

Lostock 2014 is a free festival in Northwish on 26th and 27th of July.

In aid of childrens charity Rays of Sunshine, it will feature 22 bands and 10 acoustic artists across the weekend.